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ABOUT  I was born in Florence, Italy, and grew up in Lecce, a beautiful town in the South of Italy. I found my love in America, I married him and moved to Denver-CO 18 years ago. We have now 5 beautiful children. I love food and cooking, I share this passion with my husband, who is a pizzaiolo of authentic Italian pizzas. I like to share my recipes on the internet, that’s how my little blog was born. Enjoy!

  •  Hello dear friends,today's recipe is the most popular pastry from my hometown, Lecce – Italy. It's called "pasticciotto" {pron: PAST-ITCH-OTTOH}. It's a pastry that consists of a shell of sweet dough filled with a luscious custard. It usually accompanies a big cup of cappuccino in the morning. I can eat it any time of the […]
  •  Welcome Fall 2020!I decided to start this beautiful season with a cozy and delicious cake. The filling is a combination of peaches, pears and apples slices, it's like a "goodbye" to Summer and a "hello" to Fall.I found the recipe in a collection of recipes that I had started probably when I was 12 or […]
  • Hello everyone! Pesto is a classic condiment made in Italy that is used mostly with pasta. The most common fresh herb for pesto is basil, but today I'll show you how to make this recipe with a different herb: arugula. I think it's becoming more and more popular in the grocery stores' refrigerated shelves. I […]
  • This delicious cheesecake is not the classic American cheesecake: the recipe has been modified in order to obtain a light yet irresistible cake with Italian ingredients. The topping I use is jam, it's the perfect contrast with the lemony tartness of the cake.  This is my version: INGREDIENTS for the cake base: 2 cups FLOUR […]
  • Hello friends! Do you love Fall? I actually like all of the seasons for different reasons {rhyme not intended}. 🙂 I think God makes everything perfect and gives us different things to enjoy in every season. I like Fall for the crispy air, the first smokes out of the chimneys, the smell of burnt wood and […]
  • Hello everyone! Today's recipe is a pasta dish that I rarely make because of some "picky-eaters" in my family {my husband can eat almost anything…but don't give him peas!!! :)}. Pasta with peas. There's different ways to make this dish, what I'll show you here is the creamy kind, mouth-watering and delicious. As you probably […]
  • HELLO!! Today I want to share with you the recipe of my Apple Cake, no it's not a pie… it's a soft and delicious cake full of apples. It has always been one of my favorite cakes, it's so easy to make that even my Mom, who is famous for not really enjoying cooking, used […]
  • Hello Hello!!! I have been asked to write the recipe of this delicious treat. It comes from Lecce, my hometown in the South of Italy. If you ever go visit, you must go and eat a warm Rustico {pron.: ROO-STEE-COH}. But I''ll tell you now how to make it yourself. If like me, you use […]